AlexAndra M:o:m:e:n:t:s Gallery Nature's Treasure Trove

Artist's Mission

        AlexAndra sees the natural world as an evolving canvas for her creative photo-artistry.

Capturing the never ending spectacular and whimsical beauty of nature from sunrise to sunset, she “paints” with her passionate eye and the lens of her iPhone. 

AlexAndra is inspired by the spirit, the energy and the life force.  She hopes that her images not only captivate the essence of natures' magnificence but also delight yours! 

Her mission is to not only enhance your spaces with the awe inspiring magnificence of nature but also to shed light on the importance of nature to our survival. We, the global human family, are the caretakers of this human life-sustaining, breathtaking planet and need to do our part by living in harmony with self and others. It is this inner peace and joy energy, that transcends all.

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        "My life is an evolving canvas of creative self expression." AlexAndra.

AlexAndra's Photo-Artistry 

AlexAndra paints with an artistic eye and the lens of her iPhone. Whether she is walking in nature or urban settings, a unique scene rarely escapes her keen eye.  AlexAndra’s “photo-artistry”, her artistic niche, has morphed into blended styles reminiscent of abstractionism, impressionism and romanticism. 

A nature photographer’s dream came with a friends invitation to take care of her pets in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida. A condo on the beach afforded AlexAndra the luxury of daily witnessing nature’s magnificence and capturing the first rays over the ocean’s horizon. These seaside months in 2014 not only turned into a treasure trove of images but also the meeting of a kindred spirit, Gisele Haselbarth, International Artist, Photographer and Art Consultant, who encouraged AlexAndra to have a solo exhibit and set up a website. As Haselbarth’s guest at a National League of American Pen Women holiday event, garnered AlexAndra an invitation to their Juried All Media Art Exhibit at Herb Skolnick Community Center in Pompano Beach, FL. 

The marketing of seven years of photography was put on hold as family came first. Unexpectedly the spring of 2017 brought devastating news, her husband, actor, singer George Merner, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During her anguish editing her photos was not only therapeutic but also a source of inspiration. Lesley Fairfield, Artist/Writer, and family friend, who offered support during her grief, seeing her images also encouraged AlexAndra to exhibit her unique photography. Fairfield endorsed her bold unexpected Picasso-like, submissions for ArtServe’s “12 TO SEE” Artists,  Exhibit in August.

Arriving in Fort Lauderdale for a short care-givers break, the surprising news that she was one of the "12 TO SEE" Artists was uplifting. The Art Serve exhibit garnered her solo exhibit invitations from two galleries.

AlexAndra received two Special Recognition Awards from the prestigious Light, Space and Time Online Gallery, in 2017. One for the "Animals" and the other for "Open" entry. It was an honor for her to receive these awards for her iPhone entries as the competition is open to international renowned artists and photographers. 


A Thanksgiving get together in Toronto, brought more words of encouragement from the internationally acclaimed photographer, Racheal McCaig, not only for AlexAndra to further her photo-artistry but also develop her upcoming Alex-Andra Apparel Collection. 

AlexAndra’s hope is that her images and designs not only captivate you to decorate your personal environments but also that they speak to you, inspire awe, stir and uplift you, as they do to her.


This entrepreneur, wore may hats as business woman, Officer/Director of charitable and political organizations, political candidate, received government appointment as Chair, Procurement Committee, on The Minister of Small Businesses Consultative Committee, wife, mother, grandmother and volunteer.

In hindsight the loss of her late mother, rekindled her childhood affinity for nature. Walking and capturing “nature’s artwork” as she did with her mother, gave her the inner peace and strength for life’s unexpected tribulations. Suffering through her loving husband’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest in 2010, only to loose him to cancer seven years later.  Now nature increasingly plays an innate role, fulfilling and igniting a new passion of photo-artistry.


All of AlexAndra's images are ready to enhance your residence or business. Each is custom sized for the best quality, developed, printed professionally on your choice of paper, (or custom framed too) and shipped to your destination.


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Thomas Hobbes said, it well. 
"Nature", the art whereby God hath made and governs the world. 

AlexAndra’s lens-artistry features an unusual collection of nature and life's moments over the last six years. Her passion and reverence for "Nature's Art Gallery" or the grandeur of nature and life is uniquely is expressed in each image. AlexAndra hopes you too will be captivated by the exhilarating essence of her nature's treasure trove!
AlexAndra developed a great affinity for nature and all it’s beauty as a child. She would accompany her artistically gifted mother, Anezka, on short excursions to walk, talk, sketch, paint or just take photographs in the picturesque post card parks, spa gardens or mountains of Czechoslovakia. The outdoors was a sanctuary, an escape from the daily oppressive stress of communism.  Mother would say, let's go see "God's” or “Nature’s” gallery! 

This affinity stayed with AlexAndra and continues daily from each sunrise to sunset. The iPhone digital technology made it easy for her to spontaneously shoot and paint unexpected moments. Armed with a quick artistic eye, the iPhone lens, allows her the luxury to catch these unique shots. Capturing these one-of-a-kind images has not only become AlexAndra's signature style, but also some have historical significance which makes for memorable gift-giving for any special occasion.
One morning watching the pre dawn sunrise illumine the horizon from darkness into a colorful kaleidoscope of coral, pink, then purple, to gold, then orange to red and blue, then back to gold again, left her absolutely breathless. Wow, what a spectacular show orchestrated by nature! But unfortunately it was witnessed by only a handful of people on the beach.
AlexAndra's seven year old granddaughter, Ava, seeing these spectacular sunrise images said, Granny, you have to make a book of sunrises. People need to see how each sunrise lights up the sky with a rainbow of colors!
Ava’s words, echoed those of a kindred spirit and her dear late friend, Gisele Haselbarth, Artist Photographer and Art Consultant, motivating her to create AlexAndra "M:o:m:e:n:t:s" Gallery.  A collection of Nature's spectacular moments, not only for people to bring nature into their personal environments, but also to create an awareness about the importance of Nature to our survival!
We take so much of nature for granted. Nature photography allows the public to view breath-taking images which in turn have championed the people to become advocates for the preservation of the environment.  AlexAndra is an advocate for Equal Human Rights, which also includes the right to clean air, water and soil on planet earth. 

It is in this spotlight, working alongside the conservationist organizations that has promoted Nature Photography to become a fine art genre, desired collectables and good investments.

Busy with our daily lives we don't give much thought to how poisonous substances, pollute and alter our fragile, symbiotic eco- system. Without the sunrise, without the light, without plants, there would be no photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis, we would perish! Because we could not maintain atmospheric oxygen levels which supply all of the organic compounds and most of the energy necessary to support life on our magnificent planet. 

AlexAndra hopes that her photos will speak to you not only about the beauty of nature but also how essential nature is to our survival. 

"My life is an evolving canvas of creative self expression." AlexAndra.

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