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June 2, 2016 2607AM

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AlexAndra M:o:m:e:n:t:s 

Visiting at the Pilot House Condominium, I couldn't resist capturing this sunset from the top floor.

An AlexAndra copyright, I-Photo 2607, was taken at 20:37, June 2, 2016, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The print colors include sun's golden glow, coral, blue to dark blue and brownis orange.

This AlexAndra M:o:m:e:n:t:s print is 8”x10”, (available in custom* sizes) is professionally printed on acid free, luster premium photo paper, insured, shipped at no charge to you in the U.S.A..  

Ask if your image is suitable for a triptych, a wall mural (up to 8‘x10’) or window cling (up to 4'x8') for an impressive wall decor statement. 

For further inquires, regarding custom sizes*, or to print on paper, acrylic, canvas, metal, or about packaging, shipping, insurance and handling fees to to your destination, please contact our design center at: 


Lens Artistry M:o:m:e:n:t:s

AlexAndra's I-Photo lens artistry has captured Nature’s magnificence and powerful imagery since 2010.

Each photo from a spectacular sunrise to an impressive sunset or an unusual moment expresses her passion and reverence for Mother Natures’s grandeur! Every unique image represents not only a one-of-a-kind photo but also reflects a historical significance with the time, date, place, each one was taken, truly a-moment-in-time. M:o:m:e:n:t:s have become her signature, which makes AlexAndra's prints valuable and memorable gifts for any special occasion. 


The AlexAndra M:o:m:e:n:t:s Gallery offers a 15% discount on two or more prints of same value. 

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